Sydney is the oldest and largest city of Australia. It is also the capital of the state of New South Wales. It is located in the Southeast, along the wide bay of Jackson. With an area of 345.7 sq km and a population of 4,198,543 inhabitants, the city of Sydney is one of the most densely populated areas of Australia.
In Sydney there are many places to visit, some of the most important are:
Sydney Opera House: the Sydney Opera House was built in 1973. The building has an organizational structure in the form of very famous' sail 'with white tiles. The opera has a large room for concerts, opera and a room for other smaller rooms. It is an emblem of the city and its most photographed building.

Sydney Harbor Bridge: the bridge was built in 1932 and is the first bridge at the port. It was the only bridge of a longer arc of the world. You can climb with a guide.

The Rocks, the oldest quarter of Sydney. There are renovated historic buildings, art galleries, pubs, restaurants, cafes and tourist shops. The Museum of Contemporary Art is in this neighborhood and has a collection of Australian and international contemporary art. It is the most European city.

The Beaches of Sydney are very famous. The most famous and most popular are Bondi and Manly. Sydney has more than 50 beaches and influence the culture of the city. Some beaches are visited, with parks, hiking, surfing, barbecues, markets, restaurants and shops, but others are isolated and quiet.

Chinatown is in the south of the city center and is the cultural center for the Chinese community in Sydney. This community has lived in this part of the city since the eighteenth century. Today, it is not a residential center but a commercial and cultural center. There are also many companies from other parts of Asia. Many people of Chinese origin living in other parts of Sydney, as Chatswood, Strathfield and Hurstville (these neighborhoods also have shopping malls Chinese). In Chinatown, the great market called Paddy's Market is a hub of activity on weekends.

Paddington is a beautiful neighborhood located three kilometers east of downtown Sydney. It can find many interesting Victorian houses and a market on Saturdays. In Oxford Street there are many fashionable shops and art galleries independent.

Darling Harbor is a port of the city. Today is a popular tourist site, with restaurants, bars, shops and parks. Some places in the Darling Harbour are the Chinese garden, the National Maritime Museum and Sydney Aquarium.

The University of Sydney is the oldest university in Australia. It has over 43,000 students and several old stone buildings of Gothic style.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is the oldest art gallery in Sydney and has an important collection of Australian art from the XVIII, XIX and XX.

The Olympic Park, is where the Olympics were held in 2000. Sports stadiums and buildings are in this place. After the Olympic Games activity in the area has fallen.

Newtown is a neighborhood three miles south of downtown. It is a mixed neighborhood and very interesting alternative. Its main street is called King Street has many shops and ethnic restaurants. It is estimated that King Street has more than 30 Thai restaurants.

Kings Cross in a neighborhood one kilometer east of the city center. It is the red light district (red zone) from the city, but there are also bars and cafes. There are shelters designed for young people's tourists.

Royal Botanic Gardens has many copies Australian trees and plants and from other countries. The location of the gardens, in a bay of the port, is of great beauty, and since there are excellent views of the city, the Palace of the Opera and the Bridge.

Hyde Park is a medium-sized park and is at the heart of the city. It is very popular among workers in the city.

Centennial Park is a large park in the east of Sydney, near Paddington. It has many aspects such as rural areas. You can see there some natural animal, and can do many activities.

Taronga Zoo is the largest zoo in the city. Located in Mosman, a 15-minute ferry ride from Circular Quay, has a complete collection of animals on Asia, Africa and Australia.

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