Beautifull Rome

Rome was formerly the capital of the Roman Empire and today is the capital of Italy. A very beautifull city with lot of history and many beautifull places to visit.
Its historical significance is enormous. Cradle of Western civilization, each year attracts millions of visitors attracted by the ruins of their former glory and its enormous works of art.

Among the many places you can visit in Rome, you can find th Vatican, Museums, Gardens and Parks, Monuments, Plazas and Fountains, and of course the ruins of the Roman Empire and the old Rome.

The most known places are: The Colisseum, the Roman Forum, Fontana di Trevi, the Pantheon,
Piazza Spagna, the Vatican Museum and many other places.

But Rome not only is a place to visit ruins and historical monuments, you also have great restaurnats and cafes, night life and Art.

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