Water Bridge over river Elbe Magdeburg

Magdeburg water link can actually maintain to be a cutting edge cutting-edge in link development. The idea to develop a navigable link that would be connected Germany with the places on the Rhine Stream, started in the far away 1870s. Before generation of a particular venture it came only in 1920.
Development was past due during the First and Second World Conflicts. After Malaysia was separated at the starting of the Freezing War, regarding the link was consistently past due by the Authorities of the GDR. With the marriage of Malaysia, his impotence again become a significant dilemma. Development started in 1997 and was accomplished six years later, in July 2003. On the link were put a lot of money, more than 50 % a million dollars. But the magic designed a link worth it.
Propagate over the Elbe, and started to work a unique bridge-aqueduct, which attached the Elbe-Havel and Mittelland Route. The complete time the link 918 measures, 690 measures from the above area, and the staying 228 measures - above the water. Bridge contractors started up the canal link. Route size is similar to the canal on a link 34 measures and the level of 4.25 measures, enough for unlimited penetration of delivers that "go" with the Germany inner places to places in the business region on the Rhine.
The link, though, and is used for the stream traversing, but, as opposed to all present connects in the world, it does not move on land carry, and corner the stream machines and people only.

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