World's Biggest Family

Match Ziona Chana, existence with all of them in a 100-room mansionHis spouse take it in changes to discuss his bedIt requires 30 whole flock just to create meal. He is go of the greatest loved ones - and says he is 'blessed'  to have his 39 spouse.
Ziona Chana also has 94 kids, 14-daughters-in-law and 33 grandkids.
They stay in a 100-room, four storey home set around the hillsides of Baktwang town in the Native indian condition of Mizoram, where the spouse rest in large public dormitories. The abobe image The complete monty: The Ziona loved ones in its whole with all 181 associates.

You cure this position like a hotel: With 100 areas the Ziona house is the greatest definite framework in the hilly town of Baktawng

Mr Chana informed the Sun: 'Today I experience like The lord's unique kid. He's given me so many individuals to look after.
'I consider myself a fortunate man to be the man of 39 females and go of the greatest loved ones.'
The loved ones is sorted with almost army self-discipline, with the most ancient spouse Zathiangi planning her other lovers to execute family tasks such as washing, cleansing and getting ready foods.
One dinner can see them pick 30 flock, remove 132lb of apples and come up to 220lb of grain.
Coincidentally, Mr Chana is also go of a sect that allows associates to take as many spouse as he wants.
Sensation peckish? The person females of the Chana loved ones display what it requires just to create a meal
 The spouse and I: Mr Ziona Chana creates with his 39 spouse at their house in Baktawang, Mizoram, Indian

He even wed ten females in one season, when he was at his most legendary, and likes his own increase bed while his spouse have to create do with public dormitories. He keeps the newest females near to his bed room with the mature close relatives getting to sleep further away - and there is a spinning program for who trips Mr Chana's bed room. Rinkmini, one of Mr Chana's spouse who is 35 decades of age, said: 'We remain around him as he is the most essential individual in the house. He is the most attractive individual in the town. She says Mr Chana found her on a day move in the town 18 decades ago and authored her a page asking for her palm in wedding.
 Contributed bedroom: A look in the four-storey home, Chhuanthar Run - The House of the New Generation

Another of his spouse, Huntharnghanki, said the complete loved ones gets along well. The loved ones program is evidently depending on 'mutual really like and respect' And Mr Chana, whose spiritual sect has 4,00 associates, says he has not ceased looking for new spouse. 'To develop my sect, I am willing to go even to the U.S. to wed,' he said. One of his kids was adamant that Mr Chana, whose grandmother also had many spouse, marries the inadequate females from the town so he can look after them.

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